Antithesis santantonio

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Antithesis santantonio

There is no really need to tell something about this legendary record. But for those, who dont know this classic one: Usurp Synapse proof once again, that they formed there own unique style of furious screaming hardcore.

Think of Ordination of Aaron meets early Saves the day and Standstill pinched with a handfull of good old punkbands.

Which Summer Release are you anticipating most?

This is the second instalement of their single serie which will contain four singles. They stick to the emo in the way it was used first, from where it came, the DIY punk subculture.

A beautiful cover-artwork builds the frame of this 2-Song EP. There were only copies made. Hardcore with nice melodys and harsh vocals. This stuff is more intens then the last records they did. Hailing from the USA Tuscon, Az comes this awesome band; which carrying on the tradition of politically motivated bands.

Think of earlier Cave In regarding the metal, Unbroken when it comes to mosh, Antithesis santantonio Grade concerning Antithesis santantonio and heavy rocking Emo. German hardcore is on the rise again.

Once more one new highly recommend full flamming song from the southern depts. Only drums and guitar. They remind me a bit on mr.


All Covers are handprinted with linoleum. Two exclusive tracks by both pretty new german bands that play harsh and brutal music. I actually thought of Lifetime covering Hot Water Music while this cut was swirling around my record player. Put in the same room Reversal of man and Black Metal and think what can happend.

Who Calls so Loud kinda continues where Funeral Diner stopped. Those songs are epic, raw and melodic. Fans of SOZ will not be disappointed, seeing as they take the sound to the next level.

Congratulations is 10 songs of pure adrenaline. Fueled by anger Chariots make sounds that roar across the room while your eardrums vibrate spastically.

This is a sound for a new battle cry. Fans of The Bronx, Panthers, and Daughters take heed. Their musical style creatively forges together emotions with raw power with a punkattitude. Comadre got as little bit more heavy on this one and destroy everything. Trainwreck got some new bulldozer songs on their side and they got even tighter then on their LP.

Great emotive french HC band. These songs are more melodic than the old stuff. The first Album by this great Liveband. Or, in their own words: There is not much future in sitting on your asses waiting for a big record deal. You achieve the most and get the best progress by doing things on your own.

Dominic have their shit together. Plus, they rock pretty fucking hard. They are into it for all the right reasons, and they do everything with a purpose and passion. Fast, vibrant guitars and a pounding drumming, now with a good recording quality.

Artwork by Chris williams. They really know how to create a desperate and aggressive athmosphere at the same time. This band delivers their music with a lot of variation in speed which makes the songs memorable and entertaining which is hardly the case nowadays.A concise definition of Antithesis along with usage tips, an expanded explanation, and lots of examples.

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Antithesis santantonio

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