Bachelor thesis molecular biology

Your thesis may reflect your laboratory research. Alternatively, with the consent of your thesis advisor and your honors advisor, your thesis may be based on literature research. In the first case your thesis should take the form of a masters thesis or a scientific journal research paper.

Bachelor thesis molecular biology

The key message here — whether from health gurus or from medical advisors urging overweight people to tackle their problems by eating less and changing their diet — is that there is a link between the composition and quality of the food we eat and our health.

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With the MSc in Molecular Nutrition and Food Technology, you can acquire the tools and knowledge required to develop nutritious foods — foods designed to reduce the risk of developing the lifestyle diseases of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, allergy and cancer. This broad foundation means that students are taught by experts in their fields and also that the programme is based on a holistic understanding of the importance of food for human health.

As a student on the programme, you will gain insight into how new processing methods affect the functional characteristics of foods. The MSc degree provides knowledge of molecular biology and technical skills at the all-important juncture between food technology, nutrition and health.

The MSc in Molecular Nutrition and Food Technology is open to students with a BSc degree in the natural, technical or health sciences with a molecular biology content. The degree can also be the stepping-stone to a research career: The core areas of research are: Climate and natural resources, environment and bioenergy, organic farming, food quality, farm animal production and plant production.

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Sustainability is a fundamental principle. The goal is to seek solutions that contribute to environmentally and economically sustainable development of the agricultural and food industries.

Bachelor in Molecular Biology or Molecular Medicine. A scientific, agricultural, technical-scientific or medical scientific bachelor degree with a molecular biological content corresponding to a minimum of 60 ECTS.

This includes a minimum of 10 ECTS within biochemistry and a further 50 ECTS within the subjects of chemistry, organic chemistry and analytical chemistry as well as molecular biology. This means that meeting the admission requirements does not in itself guarantee admission to the programme.

Allocation of student places is based on an overall assessment.

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Language Requirements Since English is the language of instruction in all subjects, all applicants are required to provide evidence of their English language proficiency.See all molecular testing available at NeoGenomics Laboratories.

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Bachelor thesis molecular biology

Prof. Ivan Dikic Ivan was trained as a medical doctor in his hometown Zagreb (Croatia), before joining the lab of Joseph Schlessinger in New York in to pursue a PhD thesis in molecular biology. The University of Arizona (UA) is the flagship institution in the State of Arizona and offers graduate programs in more than areas of study.

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Find the best, fully accredited online bachelor's in psychology programs and see how you can help people and have a successful career with a bachelor's in psychology online. Online biology degree programs range from two-year associate degrees to advanced graduate degrees.

A biology degree can lead to various fields of study and careers, depending on the level of education and credentials students are most interested in pursuing.

Program Overview The Bachelor of Science in Biology is a four-year college course that offers general education in different biological sciences such as zoology, botany, physiology, genetics, histology, microbiology and ecology.

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