Blackberry messenger funky writing a to z

BBM is an instant messaging application developed solely for BlackBerry device owners. BlackBerry Device Software v4. Going to the Home Screen.

Blackberry messenger funky writing a to z

blackberry messenger funky writing a to z

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Download the official version of BBM from BlackBerry. Since its inception, BBM has grown in functionality to include groups with shared calendars, lists and files. Application developers can also make their apps BBM-connected in a number of ways, including showcasing their app on a user’s BlackBerry Messenger profile.

The benefits of making your own messenger application include the ability to add features not found in off-the-shelf messengers.

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For example, you could provide a function to retrieve Web content besides chat text, such as messages from your email account.

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Why Do Blackberry Users Love BlackBerry Messenger? April 6, by Rod 49 Comments. one cool feature of bbm is the d and the r (delivered and read which u can’t see in sms or mms) Reply. I like the fact that it tells you when people are writing back to you.

You don’t know how I hate when I send something via sms and then following.

blackberry messenger funky writing a to z