Cmgt week 2

Identifies potential stakeholders directly or indirectly involved Specifies the overall objective and any outcomes for this project Details how success will be evaluated Highlights what is needed to ascertain the measurable organizational value MOV of this project. You will need to make some assumptions it is even encouraged but the assumptions must be documented. Would your organization describe this as successful?

Cmgt week 2

The responsible managers in charge of these vital systems face several key issues in their efforts to effectively manage corporate information systems.

Information systems, particularly hardware and software components, become obsolete very quickly. Another important issue is data storage and availability.

Cmgt Application Implementation For Week 2 Individual

The need for expanding data storage and processing capacity brings management concerns about space, facility requirements, and energy consumption. According to Joe Valacich, the cycle of hardware and software obsolescence is self-propagating p.

When software becomes outdated, creating a program to replace it will often require more powerful hardware, and the latest hardware will enable more powerful software. Managers need to be aware of the life-cycle of hardware and software in their efforts to enable cost-effective information systems for business.

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The following sections will offer a look at some of the tools and standards that responsible managers use to keep information systems up-to-date and running efficiently.

Preventative Maintenance Maintaining information systems is a vital part of managing business technology needs. Keeping software configured properly is an ongoing process that requires constant attention and training for knowledge workers. Managers need to be aware of the changing nature of their systems so they are certain that employees possess the right information to keep software running at optimal levels.

Hardware systems require the same levels of training and vigilance, but developing an effective maintenance schedule is also needed to keep hardware running well.

Cmgt week 2

Preventative maintenance involves working on hardware when it has a fault and on a regularly scheduled basis Williamson, Managers and their technicians need to ensure that proper care is taken to keep information systems running well.

Configuration Management It is difficult to find specific standards for configuration management that apply to every technology need. Managers in charge of information systems need to make configuration decisions based on the specific needs of their particular business. The underlying goal of a configuration management plan is to control changes to hardware, software, testing, and maintenance of an information system over its entire life-cycle.

This management plan helps information system owners to plan maintenance, upgrades, and eventual replacements for aging hardware and software. The standards that do exist for configuration management are built within the ISO international standards.

These guidelines offer principles to use when working with technology from concept to disposal http: The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers also have a widely used standard for software configuration management plans http: The next section on adaptive maintenance is an important evolution of configuration management as it applies more agile techniques to keep technicians ready to handle issues with information systems.

No matter how much automation is added to an information system there will always be the need for skilled technicians to administer them, particularly in situations which require adaptive maintenance.

Adaptive maintenance involves making changes to software when needed to add functionality or to replace irrelevant modules. That type of agile maintenance that changes or flows with the business needs of an organization is exactly what is needed in a fast moving business environment.

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Training employees to perform adaptive maintenance requires constant technical training.May 10,  · CMGT Week 2 Individual Assignment Project Task List (New).mppCMGT Week 2 Individual Assignment Project Task-List (CMGT/ Week 2 Individual Category People & Blogs.

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