How to write a scientific conclusion for kids

The panel believes that this landmark study offers an unparalleled opportunity to examine the effects of environmental influences on child health and development, as well as to explore the complex interactions between genes and environments. The database derived from the study will be valuable for investigating the hypotheses described in the research plan as well as additional hypotheses that will evolve. The large, nationally representative, equal probability sample design, together with the inclusion of a large number of outcome and exposure measures over a long time span, are major strengths of the NCS. In particular, the sample design is an appropriate platform for the study, considering resource constraints, the need to represent all population groups and geographic areas, and the difficulty of devising an alternative disproportionate sampling scheme that would not unduly disadvantage some groups and areas that turn out to be of analytical interest.

How to write a scientific conclusion for kids

Discussion What does it mean? This section explains your results. That iswhy are the results the way they are?

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Identify and discuss anomalous or unexpected results. Relate your findings to the general body of knowledge that you provided in the introduction. State your conclusions as clearly as possible.

how to write a scientific conclusion for kids

Summarize your evidence to support each conclusion and discuss the significance of the results. What is generally believed to have caused the results you have obtained? If your results are not what are expected, provide alternative hypotheses to explain them.

Do your results show any discrepancies with accepted knowledge? If you suspect anyerrors contributed to the results, discuss the sources of error in this section. How would you improve the experiments other than the obvious-use moresubjects, take more time, and hire professionals to do the job?

Given the results do any follow-up experiments seem obvious?

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Remember a continuation of this project could be appropriate for future projects. Create your own unique website with customizable templates.Always keep this paper in your science binder to use as a resource! Sentence Starters for Writing an Experimental Conclusion: • I did this lab to learn • My hypothesis was • I found out • I know this because • The scientific reason I got these results is • Some possible mistakes we made were • I think this may have affected our results by.

Conclusion Briefly, state what conclusion(s) you can make about the experiments you conducted. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Results are being recorded and in the end, it comes to write the final conclusion. The conclusion of a science project needs to be simple, focused and precise.

It should be the answer to the hypothesis you created in the beginning. Consider whether your project had any shortcomings or if there would be a way to change the procedure to make it more efficient or accurate. Not all methods are perfect in science projects, so finish your conclusion with recommendations for replicating your experiment, in one paragraph or less.

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How to Write a Science Conclusion