Importance of honor guard

Well done SSgt Moore! He was promoted to Staff Sergeant in December To win such a prestigious honor, Sergeant Moore consistently demonstrated extraordinary performance in many diverse jobs, fulfilling a wide variety of responsibilities, while supporting the WADS air defense mission. He was the only airman who was qualified as a WDT consistently excelling at coordinating with air traffic control agencies for transferring aircraft control responsibility and conducting effective intercept missions.

Importance of honor guard

Visits to the MoD building by naval and air general and flag officers are also accompanied by the guard of honour units of these services.

Foreign Heads of State also receives the Guard of Honour. Formerly, Guard of honour were given in Tribhuwan International Airport premises but sinceGovernment of Nepal changed the venue to Tundikhel. A Pakistani guard of honour prepares to lay a wreath at the General Headquarters of the Pakistan Army.

In Pakistan, the guard of honour is provided by men drawn from three services of the Pakistan Armed Forces: A tri-service guard of honor company is stationed in Islamabad, the national capital, for services in state visits and important national holidays.

The PSG is the only presidential guard service in Asia that is composed of men and women from the various uniformed organizations of the Philippines: The AFP has 5 designated honour guard battalions mandated for public duties for events concerning the Armed Forces.

They are dressed in ceremonial attire known as the No.

Importance of honor guard

These GOH units will typically be contrasted by at least one or more contingents of their fellow troops and men in their regular uniform the No. For state-visits and other important ceremonial duties within the Istana compounds, the guard-of-honour group that is formed and mounted is Importance of honor guard by personnel from the Singapore Armed Forces Military Police Command.

South Korea[ edit ] During the Joseon Dynastythe role of guards of honour taken up by the Sumunjang, who reported directly to the Emperor and the Imperial Family with administrative responsibility to the Minister of Defense as part of the armed forces of the state.

Infantry Regiment of the United States. Since then the traditional honour guards have taken the role of officially welcoming heads of state and other dignitaries. Roles of the honour guards as a whole include funeral honours for the fallen, ensuring the security of various military headquarters, and acting as ceremonial guards to Gyeongbok Palace and during state visits to the Blue House.

For ceremonial purposes the guards carry various rifles - the Army, Navy and Air Force carry the M16 rifle ; the Marine Corps carry M1 Garands and the traditional guards carry ceremonial swordsarrows, spears and lances, keeping with the traditions of the Korean military and as a tribute to the guards units of the Imperial era.

Their colour guards also reflect these influences as well. While the service guards units maintain their respective military bands based on the US and UK practices, the traditional guard unit also contains a Daechwitaa form of military band playing Korean traditional music for military ceremonies and events, and as such wears uniforms used by similar ensembles in the 19th century.

In Tajikistan, the guard of honour battalion is provided by men drawn from the four services of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Tajikistan: The King's Guard come from all over the Thai military, owing allegiance towards the King of Thailand and the ruling Chakri dynasty.

The ceremonial uniform worn by the 1st and 2nd battalions of the 1st Infantry Regiment of the King's Guards features a scarlet tunic and bearskin cap; similar to the uniforms used by foot guards in the Commonwealth of Nations. The regiment's 3rd battalion uniform features a white tunic and pink facings, with a pink bearskin cap.

Today a joint service guard of honour company is in service in the TAF headquarters in Ankaracomposed of select personnel from each service branch of the armed forces performing honor guard and public duties activities.

Turkmenistan[ edit ] The Independent Honor Guard Battalion typically mount the guard of honour for state visits and events. It composed of soldiers representing the 3 main service branches of the armed forces, the Turkmen Ground ForcesAir Force and Navy.

The battalion is always in attendance in all military and social events invlolving the President of Turkmenistanand other high-ranking officials in events such as state visits and military parades.

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The battalion is the first military formation to march on Independence Square in the annual Independence Day Parade. Toshkent harbiy okrugi faxriy qorovul tabibi, Russian: The battalion is composed of over soldiers, with each platoon being made up of servicemen from different branches of the armed forces.Washington State Guard.

The Washington Military Department's mission is to minimize the impact of emergencies and disasters on people, property, environment and the economy of Washington State.

Importance of honor guard

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This post has been updated. On Nov. 11, we celebrate Veterans Day with parades and Old Glory T-shirts, with salutes to those who served and prayers for those who fell.

WELCOME! The Atlantic Guard Soldiers' Aid Society (AGSAS) is dedicated to remembering the importance and sacrifices of civilians during the Civil War.

Jul 04,  · Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. I use economic insight to analyze issues and critique policy. Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin In honor . USCGC Eagle. The foot Barque Eagle is the flagship of the U.S. Coast Guard. She serves as a training vessel for cadets at the Coast Guard Academy and .

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