Soccergaming fifa 12 editing services

Getting a database absolutely perfect takes time. It seems ok to me though. I'll make the file available, as requested. Highlights of certain matches can be viewed at my Youtube page My next update will be posted after all of the friendlies have been played.

Soccergaming fifa 12 editing services

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Olympique de Marseille Hi everyone! I have decided to create that thread to share new cameras usable for gameplay for FIFA 16 any version of it including the demo. Those cam have been discovered using Fidel Gameplay from soccergaming shared knowledge and tools, so big thank to him.

Many of those camera have been extracted from the muse. They can be used for gameplay, but no player selection icon is displayed when using them.

The trick is to use modified versions of trainer files, so we can activate the trainer to locate our controlled player on the pitch without having all the move suggestions being displayed thank to manmachine for sharing those tips and Nisoley for the selection tuning tips!

The shared pack will also include the require file, so that you only have to copy the files in your folders, regenerate, then play. Others camera have been found by exploring the game exe and some do not require the trainer being activated.

FIFA 07 EDITING: Facepacks for FIFA 07 - Part 20

I am also sharing fidel tool to allow you further editing camera to your liking. You should just know that while zoom can be edited with quite some sensitivity, changes in height seems to have no impact with many cams I am sharing further exploration needed.

soccergaming fifa 12 editing services

My suggestion is, find the camera that have the height you like, then edit the zoom inside the file. Instructions are given inside the pack on how to edit. Initial problem of quick camera movement has been fixed, but I could not find a way to standardise stadium variability in terms of height and zoom with broadcast cams yet.

All these camera have not been tested extensively in every stadium, so weird thing might happen with some stadiums particularly with created ones.

If when you launch the game you see the ball from very close, then go to the game menu settings and change the camera you are using, it will fix it. Instructions are inside the archive.Look at most relevant Update fifa 12 kit websites out of Million at Update fifa 12 kit found at,, and etc.

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Jun 11,  · Thank you vivre. Been to No reference for Fifa & TWPGA Those solutions from 06 dun work for me. Found one for Fifa "Here is what you have to do in order to run the game in widescreen resolutions that are not available inside the game like x for example!

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