The best decision ive made in my life

Making this move was the best decision of my life. With experience comes wisdom. Looking back, I now can identify some nuggets I would share with others considering a move to this country. Here are a few of the lessons learned from this first year in Portugal:

The best decision ive made in my life

We took an ugly duck and have made it awesome. Not only have our improvements brought us equity and comfort but we got the house on a huge discount. I hated renting because of living so close to other people.

No matter what style place it was we could always hear someone doing something. You buy low, upgrade the home at a cheaper price than having a contractor or builder do it, realize that instant equity, refinance then rent out the remaining rooms.

I wish I would have had the sense to do it when I was younger. It seriously looks like you pulled the picture from a stock photo agency.

Why I Love Owning a Home

I paid for carpenters and for the drywall work, but did everything else myself. The technical plumbing, electricity finishing tile work cost the most, so I do those parts myself.

I just turned 24 and my Dad is insisting on my buying instead of renting when I move out. Money July 26, at Owning is great in some circumstances, and renting is better in others. You tell your dad to give me a call ; 8 Mr. Somewhere in our culture, we decided that we had to own homes.

And I admit I cheated a little with this article. Living through and in a remodel can definitely put a strain on everyone involved! Throw in a couple kids and you have a recipe for a whole lot of not fun.

Frugal Asian Finance July 26, at 7: Your house looks great. Of all of the perks of owning a home, stability and appreciation is key for me! I figure it was a 25k swing all said and done. I prefer to own a home over rent as well — you put that house through quite the transformation, nice work!

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Ly July 26, at 8: I bought my first home ten years ago and moved to a larger home five years ago as my family grew.

When I bought my homes, they were not fixer uppers, but they were also not in tip top shape either. Like you, I had learned how to become a handyman and was able to save a boat load of money by fixing the homes myself.As I lay on the operating table with a laser moving towards my eyeball, I knew I’d made the right decision.

Ok, maybe I didn’t know it in that precise moment of mingled excitement and low grade terror, but I certainly knew it about an hour later when I could see .

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You can come from anywhere.

The best decision ive made in my life

If I had waited for someone to give me what I wanted from life, I’d still be waiting. My childhood was spent in Northern Ireland during ‘the Troubles’ of the ’s. Ashley, I’m so very sorry that this happened to you. I, too, am an ECT survivor who’s life was totally fucked by it and am also on SSDI, probably for the remainder of my life.

Kristina November 6th, So happy I found this article. I want to change my life, my location and almost did it a few months ago house on the market, new rental in the next state, etc.

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