Unit 6 an excursion writing a business

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Unit 6 an excursion writing a business

I have no lesson on that day. Aims By the end of the lesson students will be able to: Lucky numbers - Explains the rules to play the game and make sure that Ss all know how to play. They are going on a trip when they have some days off after the first term.

They are visiting some caves because they want to understand their geography lesson better and many of them have never been inside a cave. They are going to make a two- day trip and have a night campfire.

They are bringing their own food and sharing buses with some other classes to make the trip cheap. They may not want to let her stay the night away from home - Listen - Play game Answer 1.

unit 6 an excursion writing a business

By the end of the lesson, students will be able to: Chicago is the third biggest city in the United States of America. It is the crucial centre of business and industry in Illinois and situated on the South -West bank of Lake Michigan.

What do you know about Tim? I think Mary should sit in section B. Yes ,put her in seat 16 - Provides some useful expressions: What do you think…?

He likes to sit in the sun and he wants to be by himself He is going on a boat trip with his class on lake Michigan in Chicago. Which seat seems suitable for her? I think she should sit in seat From here she can see all her students.

What about seat 34? I think she will like it, so seat 34 for Mrs. By the end of the lesson, the students will be able to listen to number the pictures in the order, fill in the blanks with exact information.

What do you often do at weekend? I think the best time for a picnic is at weekends. Because they want to relax after a week of working hard. Then asks Ss to give their answers. Post-listening - Give instructions and ask Ss to work in groups and discuss to plan a picnic for their class this weekend.

It was very nice. It was beautiful 4.

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They slept soundly because it was so peaceful and quiet in the garden. They took pictures, played games, talked together, sang and danced… - Give comments - Work in groups of five or six to discuss a plan for class picnic this weekend.


We would start to go to the beach about 6. We would arrive at the beach about 7. We would have breakfast there. Then we would play football. After that we would swim in the sea.

After lunch, we would take a short rest about 20 minutes. In the afternoon, we would go for walk around the beach and take pictures. We would return home at 3. Ss will be able to write a friendly letter, a confirmation letter from a request II. You asked me to lend you a book about wildlife.

You can get it as long as you need.Nov 30,  · Englishtime forum, english forum, learning english, style english,toeic, toelf. Unit 6: An Excursion Listening. QUESTIONS. Do you often go for a picnic? When is the best time for a picnic? Why do people for a picnic?.

Bạn đang xem nội dung tài liệu Unit 6: an excursion, để tải tài liệu về máy bạn It is the crucial centre of business and industry in Illinois and situated on the South -West bank of Lake Michigan.

35 Unit 6: AN EXCURSION D: WRITING I. Aims: Ss will be able to write a friendly letter, a confirmation letter from a. Unbiased Reviews of UK Home Business Opportunities and Franchises to identify scam and discover good franchises and home businesses.

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