Wat do you hope to learn

I do, but I get a lot of email.

Wat do you hope to learn

That question took me by surprise. It was part of a set of questions to provide personal information about the student that might be of interest to his future teacher. At first, thoughts of letters, numbers, colors, and such came to mind. But what did I really want.

Wat do you hope to learn

I thought about reading. He can already count and do simple addition, I would appreciate some additional number skills. In some ways, I want to be surprised.

Maanii and Me

I bet she or he brings a unique background and experience into the classroom along with every other student there. I hope that teacher finds ways to share those experiences with my son.

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I hope that teacher finds ways to allow each of them to share these unique experiences with each other. My son has quite an imagination and at this stage of life, quite an infatuation with superheroes.

We do it for farmers

I hope that his teacher can appreciate his enthusiasm and find ways to let him express his imagination. I hope that my son learns about conflict and compromise in kindergarten.

I want him to have the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them. I want him to experience frustration and learn the satisfaction of working through it effectively. I want my son to learn what it means to remain an individual in the presence of a community without sacrificing the essence of either.

I want him to learn how to appropriately express his opinion about both. I want him to learn when to stand out from the crowd and when to fit in. I hope that his teacher allows him and his friends to work out their differences and sees an occasional disagreement as a good thing. I want him to learn independence.

At home we do 1: At school I expect something closer to 1:I hope to enhance my present skills, learn new ones, and interact with those who can provide opportunities for me to share these skills with non-profit organizations in need of online volunteers.

Wat do you hope to learn

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