Why i have my love for dutch culture and food

March 13, Here are just nineteen of the weird things the Dutch get up to.

Why i have my love for dutch culture and food

But the time has come for me to move somewhere for a bit, and it would be great if it were back to my favorite country in the world. I love hanging out with Dutch people.

One of the best parts is using the website This website will literally give you all the options of getting to any station or location in the country.

Why i have my love for dutch culture and food

I just loved that about the country; every city is so well connected by trains, busses, trams, etc. The English Factor Everyone speaks pretty much fluent English. Not just that, Dutch people are proud of their English skills, and are more than happy to speak to me in my language.


The Music Festivals Fact: Dutch festivals are the best music festivals in the entire world. My first event I ever went to was Sensation White in Amsterdam back in This was before it got lame and had them all over the world, this was the OG Sensation. I thrived in the Netherlands. I was only there for a brief time, and now it seems stupid to me that I left so quickly.

I am hoping I could move back though. The Easiness of Nightlife Want to grab a beer?

1) Being polite (keeping in their opinion)

And there are bars, pubs, and clubs everywhere. Especially when I was living in Leiden, and the whole city was walking distance to just about everything. Everyone is down to go out pretty every night of the week, which I actually turned out quite more often than you would think.

I used to so damn chubby.

July 30, 2008

Living close to Amsterdam was really great, and there were several times where friends of mine were coming to visit, and I got to show them around one of my favorite cities in the world.I, myself am % dutch and white, I have many friends from different races and yes, maybe a lot of dutch people underrate them and the immigrants too.

but, I absolutely love americans, i love germany and don’t get us wrong, a lot of dutch people do actually! Maybe you heard of it before you arrived in The Netherlands, possibly you encountered it since you have been here, or you are still waiting patiently to experience it, Dutch directness.

I arrived here young and silly, in love with a Dutch guy I had met in my home country, Australia. I had no idea. If a Dutch person ever offers you liquorice (Dutch drop) be very careful. It could be a trap.

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Some types of Dutch liquorice have a very extreme salty taste that will make everyone of . Dec 07,  · timberdesignmag.com Things I Love About Dutch Culture & People.

Why i have my love for dutch culture and food

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This explains why the Dutch have some problems with Moroccan immigrants but not with Chinese immigrants. The Chinese immigrants tend to adjust better to the Dutch culture. Another group of Asian people would be immigrants from Indonesia. Aug 15,  · The first time I ever walked into a dutch grocery store I was stunned. Maybe you guys don't know but the stores here are so beautiful and so cheap its insane. I really feel like my American. Why I Love Dutch, the Dutch, and the Netherlands Until recently, I was never a huge fan of Amsterdam and hadn't really visited anywhere else in the Netherlands (with the exception of the Efteling theme park), so I'd never really had an experience to .

HK December 17, at It gives you a great opportunity to know other cultures besides the Dutch culture. You can have a great expat life or local life.

Particularly the. In fact, from my experience I'd say they have one of, if not the best reputations out of anyone. many of the people I work for wont rent their vacation homes to them It's .

7 Reasons Why I Loved Living in the Netherlands